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In horoscope/ Astrology: Everybody wants a suitable partner for themselves, somebody gets, somebody doesn’t. Another very peculiar matter is there that, when you will meet your Mr. right or Miss right you don’t know, may be before marriage or may be after. Due to which nowadays, people are getting into affairs which somewhere is genuine love or for someone else it could be just for the sake of not being alone or single , people tend to bend towards affairs without any emotions attached to it.


A non-judgmental friend of the opposite sex can offer you much in the way of advice, support, conversation, and differing perspectives.


A relationship where there is more of physical and less of emotional strings attached to it. It seems simple and fun . However, it invites complications knowingly and unknowingly to one or both of them which could be easily judged from the horoscope primarily. Sometimes , it is also seen that one tends to support it and assumes it as love and other tends to remain in relationship just to fulfil certain needs which could result in physical or monetary needs and in the end it destroys the essence of love or lead to mental instability or depression. In that case , our main motive is to analyse whether handelling a casual relationship is your cup of tea or not. Or if you consider that you are in serious relationship but you feel the other person is taking it casually then how to eradicate bad effects which could be caused to the native in future. The answer is with us, the remedies and the future forecast given by us will not let you fall in the well of pain or troubles.


Love is one of the most profound emotions known to human beings. There are many kinds of love, but most people seek its expression in a romantic relationship with a compatible partner. For some, romantic relationships are the most meaningful element in their lives, providing a source of deep fulfillment. The ability to have a healthy, loving relationship is not that easy. Failed relationships happen for many reasons, and the failure of a relationship is often a source of great psychological anguish. Sometimes , it could even be because of change of castes that can lead to opposition of families and society norms. It is also seen that sometimes suspicious nature also leads to the end of beautifully growing love into seperation. Hence to avoid any future complications and leading your love life towards the successful point where the "Happily Ever After " begins. It is very necessary to know the complications prior whether it's family issues, caste issues or any other negative infects , so that we can guide you and act as a barrier to fight those negative energies. We have also mastered in consulting as well. The blend of astrological remedies and great guidance can make you conquer your love life.


There are some instances where clients approach me to seek guidance in the rare case of secret relationship. The most common question asked from me is that , " why my girlfriend or boyfriend wants to keep the relationship secret ? " . In that cases we thoroughly look into the natal's chart as well as their partner's chart if possible . Planets give the clear picture as to why the relationship is kept secret. In some scenarios where the reason is genuine it ends up giving relief to the native and we provide remedies that would help in giving strength to the relation that it would no longer be kept as a secret and become successful and the couple stay together forever. However, in some cases it is seen that the reasons are not acceptable for eg, if the other person is a cheat or already have a serious relationship with someone else or even already married but the native is not aware and is kept in the dark throughout the relationship which could be proved fatal as well. In those cases we always look deep in the chart and the situation to guide you accurately and avoid any such danger.


In the beginning people find it very exciting to get in a relationship but later on when they discover that maintaining the relationship is altogether different from just getting in relationship. A love relationship is always tested with several mountains and hardships but it's the time where the effective guidance and prior analysis of a horoscope can help you fight with those hardships and make the relationship successful. As very rightly said , "PREVENTION IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN CURE" . Even after break up if you would approach us, then we can also guide you with our effective remedies how to get your loved one back or how and when will you get your MR RIGHT or MS RIGHT so that you won't have to see the same phase again. It all varies from one individual to another, the remedies are given accordingly

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