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Birth Time Rectification

To calculate a natal chart it is necessary to know the exact time of birth. Sometimes even a five-minute inaccuracy can cause a very significant final error. Therefore, the time for creating a horoscope should be defined as accurately as possible. After all, if a planet in five minutes moves into another sign, or into another astrological house, its interpretation will change substantially. The essence of rectification of a horoscope is as follows. If an astrologer, knowing the exact time of birth, can tell about a person's character, inclinations, priorities and important life events, then there may be a reverse procedure: having information about a person, you can define the time of birth when the horoscope most closely matches the available . To analyse whether the approximate time informed by you is accurate or not , it is very important to confirm the life events which have occurred in the past with you for eg. Any continuance of illness or loss or introduction of any relation . Even then if nothing matches them main life events are analysed which occurred previously like marriage or any accident and on the basis of that, natal chart is prepared and analysed . Even a min or 2 mins can create the change of dashas , antradashas or upnakshatras of the native and provide wrong information and unsuccessful remedies. Since we have expertise in birth time rectification , hence fruitful results are certainly expected.

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