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Judging career aptitudes is one of the most difficult areas of astrology. Occasionally, a chart will offer a clear picture that makes it easy to see vocational direction. More often, however, it’s a mixed bag that defies simple categorization. Nonetheless, by following some basic rules of Vedic astrology (along with some Western ideas), we can catch a glimpse into the person’s probable areas of worldly engagement. And by using some of Jyotish’s unique timing techniques, we can predict when the most favourable periods for career advancement will be.

In Vedic astrology, one assesses career by blending the influences of key houses and planets. The most important house is the first house or lagna. If we had only one house to analyze before making a judgment, this would be it. The first house represents the person as a whole and therefore planets or aspects here can shape a person’s outlook that reflects the planets significations

Timing Issues: Predicting career ups and down

Besides providing a vocational guide, astrology can also indicate when career advances and setbacks are most likely. Using a combination of transits and planetary dashas, we can usually determine which times will yield favourable results and which times may prove more difficult. The dasha of a poorly placed, afflicted planet may prevent any advance despite the best efforts and hard work on the job. Conversely, the period of a well-placed planet may bring a very easy promotion or a new job that seems to just fall in one’s lap.

The critical issue then lies in determining which planets can yield good results and which will not. This is rarely straightforward and requires careful consideration of the natal and dashamsha (D-10) charts. Vital information can be gleaned from a planet’s house, sign, dispositor, nakshatra lord, aspects, declination, and midpoint pattern.


When two or more people get together with their ideas and visions to achieve a business goal, they form a partnership to run a successful business. A good partnership brings a great success and earns reward from the field of business. But due to the bad partnership, you may face the failure and loss in business.Both the business partners may not be good friends or good siblings or good spouses. All are determined by different set of planets in Indian astrology. A great business partner relationship will have common goal. With the strong vision one can fill others Gap in business and one may able to form business luck while being together.


A job is required to secure your future. Because a constant source of income, stability in life , makes life far easier and secure.There are many individuals who are well qualified, intelligent, and fulfill all basic requirements for a particular kind of job of their choice. Still they fail to crack the entrance exams even after many attempts. They feel very much discouraged and disappointed in this situation. They are unable to understand what really goes wrong even after trying very hard and putting best effort. Those who are facing such kind of situation can get a job of their choice by adopting several astrological remedial measures provided by us. Astrology not only tells us the timings of job but also tells us what Kind of job is written in the chart. Like, sports , architecture , media , I.T. , government job, lawyer , counsellor, property dealer , actor and many more. There are different phases where one experiences the journey of job.


Whether I will get promotion in job or not if yes then when. what I should do to get promotion ? I face everyday these type of questions by my clients. Especially who believe in astrology. Some People get promotion with little efforts and some don’t even after investing hardwork . So the question that arises is what’s that missing factor which keeps success away from you despite of so much of hard work? However, who will get promotion in his job or who will achieve success can be very easily predicted through astrological analysis.

In Astrology Success and unsuccess depends upon planet’s position in your horoscope. If your planets position is favorable and you work accordingly result will come positive. If your planets are favorable but you don't work according to the nature of the planets, result might not come favorable. If planets position is unfavorable and you are investing efforts then the result might not come favorable.

In both conditions where planets Mahadasha and Antardasha are going on? If promotional Dasha and transit both are favorable than surely you will get promotion if not favorable you will not get it. Through astrological analysis of horoscope we can also find out the time of promotion in the job of an individual. The role of Mahadasha, Antardasha and planets transits are most important for timing of promotion.

Loss of job

After getting the job, the next and foremost requirement is about having security and stability. Many times, it so happens that despite having a job, certain unwarranted problems causes lack of job satisfaction. And, sometimes the job problems are so severe that it becomes difficult to decide whether to continue the current job or look for another job.

Besides, the nature of job may also cause tension. No matter how well paid job you are doing, but if the job is not permanent and lacking security, it will be difficult to put your full potential. And, there will always be a psychological fear of losing the job. Vedic astrology readings of your horoscope can not only identify the job problems but can also provide a reasonable solution to deal with the issue..


Astrology helps a person to select the right business sector. Every person has an area where he/she may be successful in terms of business. With the changes of economic condition, a successful business man may fail due to bad time. But during this time Astrology may guide us. It is quite true that technically there is no way to predict the upcoming situation.

But Astrology may help during this period. Business Astrology is the only tool which provides the information through which you may predict the future situations and you may prepare for the challenges much ahead than others. It helps you to understand the opportunity that may come in the way of your life and you will able to plan for future risks.

With the help of Astrology you are also able to know the rate of profit or loss for a particular business. It will also provide you that which business suits you most. The problems are related to business and its solutions may also be provided by the Astrological system. This also provides you the suggestions that what can make your business most successful.

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