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Child birth is a very sensitive issue when it comes to future planning. The birth of a child promotes the husband and wife to the next level of being parents. Not only them but it promotes the designation of other family members as well. It is the most auspicious moment for any couple and very sensitive too. Let's look at the child birth from the point of view of astrology. After marriage when couple approach me , they all have different questions in their mind regarding the same. Let's discuss all the questions.

When would we receive the blissful happiness of being parents?

For that we analyse the planetary combinations and guide them that what is the preferred time that will work in their favour to conceive. When are planets giving the positive sign or the approximate time to achieve that blessing.

Why are we not able to conceive even after years of marriage ?

The answer is hidden in your horoscope. In astrology we analyse the horodvope of the wife to see whether her chart is supporting the child birth or not. If not then we have to analyse the horoscope of the husband for that if any of the partner's horoscope favours child birth then we give remedies in accordance of that.

After the confirmation of pregnancy why it always results in accidental miscarriage or abortion advised by the doctors due to medical reason or not growing of life in the womb?

It is very painful to come across such clients and see their grief of not able to see their child's face. Well , in that case our utmost responsibility in astrology is to make sure to understand the main root cause of the problem and then eradicating it to the core. So that you would also become parents someday. Our remedies might take a little time depending on person to person but are certainly effective.

Are there going to be any complications in my pregnancy or during or afterdelivery?

Well , yes in astrology we can see that prior if there are going to be any complications during pregnancy and the time of delivery or even after that and you can be alerted and be prepared for your future . So that it won't result in any negative aspect. And many more.

Stars , planets and houses communicate . It's just with a proper guidance in astrology this communication can be successful.
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