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In Traditional India, the astrologer was called upon for predicting wealth, good fortune, marriage, progeny, etc. But without Health, none of these other areas of life would be enjoyable. So the birth chart would always be examined for any upcoming health issues. The correlation between the planets, signs, houses, and diseases was established over many centuries of meticulous observation by the ancient astrologers. Modern astrologers continue this research today.

When considering natal health issues, the first step in analysis is to look at the Ascendant, the 1st house. The 1st house represents the body as a whole, therefore the strength of the 1st house is key to one’s ability to stay healthy and to overcome disease. The basic principles of determining strength in the chart are applied: is the ruler of the Ascendant. There are specific houses and high indicate the Heath and help us Forster any medical condition. The main purposes to view the horoscope are listed below :-


An accident or mishap is an unforeseen, unplanned, unexpected and undesirable event, especially one resulting in damage or harm When a person meets with an accident and afterwards goes through the mental trauma, the 1st thing that comes to his mind on recovering is that he is having a bad time and/or the planetary positions are not favourable to him.

Everything that happens in the life of an individual is influenced by Planets. Road accidents have become quite common these days due to increase in traffic on the roads. In my opinion most of these accidents can be avoided and a good astrologer can advices better how to avoid these high risks moments of life.

Timing of accident

Transit also play an important role in deciding the timing of accident. Transit must support dasha periods. Accidents occur during the transit of malefic planets connected to malefic houses in the horoscope or the birth position of sun, moon and ascendant.

Injury and no injury

it can also be seen from the horoscope that where there would be any injury or not. We can foresee the major damage and work to reduce the effects of the planets which could cause major damage.

It is also seen that people suffer major accidents but still they face no injuries or minor injuries. If that's the case then we work on giving strength to the favourable planets of the native and reduce the ill effects of the malefic planets.

Major Injuries

Horoscope not only tells us the time of accident but also tells us whether it's going to cause major injuries / fractures or even seperation of any body part. With the help of astrology we can prevent the native from such a damage by pacifying the effects of Malefic planets so the damage that could be caused would be as minimal as possible.

Medical treatment Or Surgery

He who practices medicine without the benefit of the movement of the stars and planets will not be that beneficial.

Consulting an astrologer or researching your own planetary birth chart is beneficial for guiding your health. It is like having a map of your life, indicating your susceptibility to a particular disease or accident, the organs composing any weak links in your body's chain reactions, and your emotional attitudes that are causing a particular part of your body to attract an accident or infection; but most importantly, the timing of illness or possible accident, indicating when you would be the most vulnerable.

Your birth chart and current position of planets , dashas and antradashas and antradashas will provide the detailed information they whether the surgery would be successful or not or when is the preferred time of any medical treatment.

Multiple Organ Failure Or Bedridden

Astrology also tells us that whether after accident is the native going to be bedridden or will survive even after having multiple organ failure. Well I get to meet so many clients who approach us after their loved ones suffer from major accidents and they question us regarding their child not recovering or getting bedridden or getting paralysed.

People it's very important to consult your astrology on frequent basis. The way you go regular body checkups. It is also very important to consult your astrologer as frequently as possible to keep yourself updated about the unseen.


Sound Health is more precious than wealth because it enables you to enjoy life and work hard to accomplish your goals. Mental health is more essential to lead a peaceful life.

Each planet causes certain diseases according to its nature as detailed hereunder. The ailments may vary according to the sign and house it occupies . It can also be seen what kind of shot term( chronic diseases like cold, cough or headache )or long term disease (cancer, TB , cardiac diseases or lung )a native would go through. So that we can give remedies according to that.

Recoveryor Non-Recovery

Astrology also lets us known that even if the native has survived the major unseen damage then how fast would be recovery and which remedies would help in attaining recovery at a faster pace.

Non-recovery is a deep and bitter truth which let us know through astrology that what things are going wrong which are not letting the native to recover. Once the root cause is found, it becomes easy to eradicate it and help the native get into recovery stage.

Native and the loved ones have to be as patient and optimistic as possible. Miracles do happen and that's the reason we are here to communicate with the planets and guide you about it.

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