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Litigation is very cruel word and when it surrounds us, it takes mental peace away. Litigation arises when difference of opinion comes and it is very tough to get solution sitting on table. Litigation can be of numerous type like divorce case, property matters, financial matters, company matters that not only takes time but your valuable money also, So it would be better to try out of court settlement rather looking out courts to solve the problem.

Sometimes questions haunts to mind that our grand fathers have not seen courts face and why we are facing problems in our life that we had to go to courts to find out the solution. Then one is already depressed with problems and then solutions does not come in matter of time. It would be hearing after hearing and fees after fees that shake up the person involved in litigation and you can imagine the plight when one loses the case. There could be various reasons for litigation.


In Vedic Astrology there are thousands of Yogas. Yog is nothing but a combination of planets which can predict a particular thing in horoscope. Now we will discuss about one the yoga in astrology which is called "Bandhana Yoga" Bandhana is a Sanskrit word which means imprisonment in English.I have certainly come across such clients who had this you and I always assisted them with the help of remedies so that this yog would be eradicated or not cause any damage.


In horoscope you can also see that where the person who went underground is going to get caught in the trap of law or not and that too when.

Missing Or Kidnapping

By analysing the native's' some horoscope you can also get to knee that whether the person has been kidnapped or left the home deliberately.If kidnapping yog is being formed by planets then we will get to know in advance and work upon it to eradicate the ill effects. But when clients approach with their loved one already kidnapped we can also sense the directions where the child has been kept and in what circumstances If deliberately left the house then when would the native be back and where is the native at the moment . Safe or not. It can also be viewed.


Astrology also tells us that either it's a suicide or murder. The combination of planets and houses also tells us which weapons are used to kill the native and who have committed this sin. That can also be viewed.


In litigation astrology we can also view that when is the right time to apply for bail. So that the bail would be granted.

Win in court cases

Astrology not only shows the combination of occurrence of court cases but also tell us what are chances of winning in court cases. If the winning chances are less then it can also be treated with the help of our remedies and guidance.

Out of court settlement

People do not want to continue the court cases for long. Since falling in litigation sometimes takes the entire lifetime but still it doesn't ends. So that why people usually prefer out of court settlement. Now we assist you in this scenario as well by guiding you regarding the right time to go for out of court settlement now the questions that arises:

1. Settlement in the favour:

It is also very important to see that even if you are approaching for out of court settlement then it has to be in your favour. If the chances are less then we can upon that.

2. Settlement not in favour:

Nonody wants to loose after coming this far. If the settlement chances are not in your favour then we can also guide you that when to approach by looking at the planetary dashas so that it would be in your favour.

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