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Everyone wants to own a property. Can everyone do that? Vedic astrology can help us find out whether buying property is possible on the basis of reflections in the horoscope. It also indicates the probable period of owning or purchasing a house. This can be done by the use of methods of timing i.e., the dasa system and even the combination of planets.

1.Posituve combination

Planets act as signals allowing the native whether it's a right time to invest in properties or purchase a new one. If it creates positive combination then it would work in your favour and that's the reason many renowned celebrities and industrialists come to us take to take advices regarding the same by going through their north chart.

2. Negative combination

Owning an asset at the time of negative combination can be disastrous. In such scenarios we would guide the native with the help of astrology and avoid him to invest in any properties as for now. If invested at the time of negative combination one can incur big losses which are even hard to compensate.

There are different resources from where one can own or invest in properties.: Loan:

Not everyone should take or give loans.

One of the principles of astrology is that a planet's effect on us creates certain behavioral changes in us. Equally important to know is that once someone takes a loan, it activates certain planets - if those planets are positive, then they will be beneficial. However, if those activated planets are negative, then the effects will cause a great loss - not just monetary, but also in other spheres of life. For instance, you may have seen that some person's health or relationships may have deteriorated after taking a loan, while in another case, a person started to reap great benefits after having taken a loan

Note that the negative effects of taking or giving loans mostly show between the ages of 36 and 42, so if you're approaching these ages, please be very careful when deciding on these issues.

Gifted by closed ones

If one has received the property from the in laws after marriage. Is it favourable for the native or it. Taking any immovable as a gift from any relatives is not always profitable. You never know whether that property already has some vastu negativity which even nobody is aware of. One should always consult an astrologer before taking such gift or moving in that property.

Properties are of two types :

Commercial property

A property which is intended to utilise to incur profit like showrooms , factories , shops. If invested in right time. It will result in luxurious income of can even make the richest person to gain hand to mouth income.

Residential property

A property which is used to stay with the family. If it very important to be careful while purchasing a residential property with the help of astrology making sure that is this the correct time to purchase such properties according to dashas or else it can create disturbance in the financial and family matters.

Loss of property

Loss of property can be judged through horoscope. By getting horoscope checked on regular basis one can get to know when the person is about to suffer loses. Loss can be counted as caused due to theft , fire or any court related issues.One can also get to know if loss has already occurred then I'd it going to get recovered or not. If not then what are the remedies to perform that can help in compensating the loss.

Partition of properties

It is also seen that in case of partnership, the business does not tend to last longer and it therefore, results in partition of properties. Our main motive is to make sure that our client will gain maximum profit possible through partition and as early as possible.

RSale of property

If one wants to sell the property to buy a new one or just to attain financial gains . In astrology we can let you know the best time period to sell the property to attain maximum gains. It is very beneficial. Since later on , one doesn't want to regret that they could have made more by selling it a little later or to some other buyer.

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