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Vastu as a science for residential buildings takes an important place in all the activities day to day life. When it comes to residential Vasthu, each and every aspect of a house is taken into consideration. Right from the master bedroom and kids’ room to the bathroom and even the garage, there is not even a single aspect in a house that is overlooked by Vastu. For instance, best direction for master bedroom construction is southwest, while for other rooms; central, southern and central west directions are appropriate. Then, for prayer room, yellow or sandal color is just perfect for walls. Like this, there are many other Vastu tips that need to be followed while constructing as well as furnishing a house.

With right guidance of Vastu once can save themselves from negativity n For eg:, if the Vastu of kitchen is incorrect then the chances of getting negativity attracted towards health are quite high. Same if you choose wrong interior and location and construction of bedroom then the couple will often have to face quarrels and misunderstandings
So therefore it is very important to consult a Vastu expert.

These are the general vastu tips for a happy and prosperous life, however if you want personalized vastu services

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