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A very elaborated and important procedure before getting two people get tied in a ritual of marriage and lifetime bond.Basically, in this we get to match the horoscopes of male and female where we evidently get to know how much compatibility they both are among each other and few other important aspects as well. It is very much seen that usually astrologers focus more on Gunmilan which shows 1/4th part of the story. Planets , houses, dashas, antradashas , upnakshatras , planetary combinations play the most important role. Certain aspects are also viewed from that for eg:-

• Health- To make sure that one's health would not get affected with someone else's planets

• Progeny- To overview the future aspect of both the kundalis to find out whether they are supporting the child expectations and they won't create any hurdle.

• Loving nature- It will help to see the compatibility in both regarding the nature and emotional support.

• Selfishness - To help in analysing that one's weakness won't act as someone's. Selfishness.

• Finance - The kundali combination would only prosper in financial matters . It should not deteriorate.

• Family relationship- The combination of both the kundalis should make the family bond stronger .

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