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Vaastu And Pooja

Vastu is the ancient Indian science of architecture of man-made structures. As per the Vedas, the word 'Vastu' in Sanskrit means 'earth', and in the modern context Vastu covers all types of constructions. Vastu pertains to the physical, psychological and spiritual order of the built environment, scarpe mbt in consonance with the cosmic energies. It is a study of planetary influences on buildings and the people who live in them, and aims at providing guidelines for proper construction. Hindus believe that for peace, happiness, health and wealth one should abide by the guidelines of Vastu while building a dwelling. It tells us how to avoid diseases, depression and disasters by living in structures, which allow the presence of a positive cosmic field.

The layout of your residence or work place is very similar to a Horoscope. In astrology one cannot tame the baneful planets whereas in Vastu, the Earth being one of the nine planets is the best approach to configure to our needs and get the best results and get beneficial results from such bad effects of the planets. Vastu Shastra says that if the structure of your house is so designed that the positive forces override the negative forces then there is a beneficial release of bio-energy, which helps you and your family members to live a happy and healthy life.

A positive cosmic field prevails in a Vaastulogically constructed house, where the atmosphere is congenial for a smooth and happy life. Contrary to this, if the same structure is built in a manner that the negative forces override the positive, the overbearing negative field makes your actions, efforts and thoughts negative. Herein, comes the benefits of Vaastu, which guides you to have a positive atmosphere at home and workplace. Vastu is done usually for two categories

Do's and Don'ts of Vastu

Here are some of the dos and don’ts s you should follow to bring peace and harmony in your life. Learn how you can transform your surroundings to eliminate negative effects of environmental stress, thereby improving your health, happiness and well-being.

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