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Astrology reveals the will of God. Astroguru Vishal is a renowned astrologer helping his clients transform their lives in a positive manner.


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For ages Vedic & Spiritual sciences have mystified people and astrologers have moulded the opinion of the common man and leaders alike. In ancient day learned sages and seers closely held knowledge of these sacred sciences least unscrupulous persons misuse it for personal benefits. The knowledge was handed down to only truly deserving disciples. However with the passage of time, changing social values, economic compulsions and personal greed led to misuse of this sacred knowledge. It becomes imperative that unless the knowledge of mystic sciences was shared with a larger segment of society the masses will be at the mercy of few who know the subject well. & Indian Institute of Astrological Sciences has been disseminating the knowledge of Vedic sciences without any discrimination and bias to all those interested and guiding the society by providing consultation based upon really spiritual principles in all fields of this science.

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Litigation is very cruel word and when it surrounds us, it takes mental peace away.

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In Traditional India, the astrologer was called upon for predicting wealth, good fortune, marriage, progeny, etc.

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Astro Products are helpfull for the people who are suffering from the astrological can use our products like Yellow Sphere, Topaz, Yantra, Sphatic, Rudraksh, Ruby, Pearl

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Astrological remedies are the solutions provided to overcome complicated situations. In Indian Astrology the main remedies include - Mantra, Yantra and Tantra

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Vedic Astrology refers to Indian or Hindu astrology, a system that originated in ancient India, and was documented by sages in the Vedic scriptures. Also known as "Jyotish"

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Vaastu is an ancient Vedic science/philosophy. Vaastu in Sanskrit means nature, a surrounding or environment.

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Kaala Saarpa Yog/Dosha and Pitra Dosha


In Vedic astrology, Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets or nodes, but not general planets like other seven namely, Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. It is a curse from Saarpa Lord due to offenses committed in any one of the past births. Offenses like killing of snake, having snake meat, harming any snake etc work as curse in the current birth thus creating obstacles in life and career. When all the planets are jammed with the two nodes Rahu and Ketu, it is like prisoners locked in a prison and the two guards Rahu and Ketu are not allowing anyone to enter the prison and are also not allowing anyone to exit the prison.

Astrological Reasons for Seperation and/or divorce in Marriage


Unsuccessful marriage leads to conflicts, controversy & misunderstanding, separation and then divorce. In majority of the marriage’s that take place, normally horoscopes of the boy and girl are matched and then marriages are solemnized. Despite the horoscopes being matched than too divorce takes place. Out the nine planets five of them are malefic and/or seperative planets. Sun/Surya, Mars/Mangal, Saturn/Sani, Rahu & Ketu(Nodes) are the seprative planets.

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Dr. Vishal Gupta

Vishal Gupta a well renowned astrologer. He is known for his professional acumen , scholarly , knowledge, skills and accurate predictions in Indian astrology. His forecasts are logical and scientific. This is why people of all cadres and categories approach him with their miseries. They come to him with a sense of defeatism, hopelessness and depression but when they depart they find themselves full of confidence and satisfaction. Life does not stay on as absurd. It becomes meaningful and worth-living. They feel the positive aura around them Jyotish Parveen , Jyotish visharad, reiki healer , vastu consultant , hypnotherapist Vishal Gupta is there to guide you. He is embodied of all sterling qualities which make a niche in the heart of propel for him he rules over their heart.. 

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