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From Darkness to Light

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Vishal Gupta a well renowned astrologer. He is known for his professional acumen , scholarly , knowledge, skills and accurate predictions in Indian astrology. His forecasts are logical and scientific. This is why people of all cadres and categories approach him with their miseries. They come to him with a sense of defeatism, hopelessness and depression but when they depart they find themselves full of confidence and satisfaction. Life does not stay on as absurd. It becomes meaningful and worth-living. They feel the positive aura around them Jyotish Parveen , Jyotish visharad, reiki healer , vastu consultant , hypnotherapist Vishal Gupta is there to guide you. He is embodied of all sterling qualities which make a niche in the heart of propel for him he rules over their heart.


He not only in India but all around the world have clients. In 23 countries his clients are getting the gift of his astrology and predictions which includes South Africa, Germany ,Dubai, canada, America, Ukraine and many more. He a well renowned Jyotish Visharad and Jyotish Parveen from Indian council of astrology. Reiki healer , expert in K.P nadi astrology, vastu expert , celebrity astrologer and Clinical hypnotherapist as well from California hypnosis science. He is also a celebrity astrologer . High profiled politicians , celebrities and industrialists take his guidance.

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